Windows 7 Windows 7 and intel Q6600


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Feb 2, 2009
Well windows 7 is only using 1 processor out of the 4. But... i doesn't seem to think that there are any more i have checked it it only uses and acknowledges the 1. I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem or know as solution?
i am using win 7 with an i7 920 HT-Quadcore and all 8 threads are used! there is a Link Removed - Invalid URL that supports cpu-monitoring for up to 8 cores and, depending on workload, it shows me that all threads are working.
where did you see that only one core is used? perhaps there is an option in your bios on how many cores should be used.
It say's it for one on the gadgets, and it also if i go into msconfig>>Boot>advanced it says i only can use one core??
You are not the only one with this problem.
My Q6600 is only showing 2 cores running.
I have been all through the system and I can't get it recognise the other two cores.
In Device manager the 4 cores are shown under processors but in msconfig it only shows 2 cores.
What kind of BIOS do you have? When the computer first boots, it will show you either Phoenix or Award most likely. What kind of computer do you have? That will lets us know what to tell you. It's real easy to check this and make a change if it's needed.
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