Windows 7 and Linux SUSE Enterprise

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. I just made 2 more partitions for linux enterprise, one being swap. Now everytime I boot up it takes me straight to Linux, gives me no option to go to Windows, yet when I look at the partitions through Linux I can see the partition that "should" have my windows on it. How can I boot to 7? Please help!

No help with this?

I'm not sure about Suse Enterprise but I know that OpenSuse will let you set up the partitions and install Grub boot loader which will provide you an option to select which one you want to boot into. I haven't tried this myself and usually always use EasyBCE for my boot management.

I wouldn't be surprised if the enterprise edition of Suse takes over.

Now how to resolve this issue, I'm not sure right off hand, let me do some research but I have a feeling you might be toasted with your Windows partition.

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