Windows 7 and POP3 E-Mail (Microsoft Outlook) Sidebar Gadget

Ilya Byk

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Hi all. I'm looking for a sidebar gadget for my Windows 7 sidebar. I'm trying to find a Mail gadget, to monitor my incoming mail server (obviously I have POP-3 mail). I want it to have settings for how often it should check, how to notify me (audio and/or visual), and what client to open up when I click on this visual notification. I have a gadget of the same exact kind that I need, but for Windows Vista's sidebar. And as far as I can read the description of this gadget, it could only run on Windows Vista's sidebar. Here is the site for this gadget Windows Live Gallery

If you look at "Operating Systems", you'll see:

Operating system: Windows Vista
Other: Tested only in 32bit system
Can somebody please help me find a gadget that can visualy and/or audibly notify me of new mail and open up my default mail client as soon as I click on this notification or on the program.

Thank You All!!!!!!

Ilya Byk

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I'm trying Google still. Can't find any for Win 7 just yet. Are there any out there?? Thanx folks


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I'm using this one for my pop3 client thebat! under Window 7 64 bit - works a treat:

Windows Live Gallery

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