Windows 7 and problems with trying to use NVIDIA Scaling


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Hi, I had a question regarding Windows 7 and Nvidia Scaling. I just finished installing Windows 7 and I went into my Nvidia Driver Settings under Adjust Desktop Size and Position and by default my monitor is set to Use my display's built-in scaling, but I whenever I try to change it to use NVIDIA Scaling or fixed aspect ratio and press ok to keep the changes, it keeps reverting back to the default. I am using the most recent drivers for video card. What is the problem here?

Thank you

I get the same but it does work , In other words I run an old game which uses desktop resolution settings and with a fresh install it uses 4:3 aspect but my screen is widescreen so i set use nvidia scaling which resets the game, but similar to yourself it doesn't change the radio button in the nvidia panel :confused:

I'm not panicking until It doesn't do what i need it to do :cool:

I had the same issue when running Call of Duty 4, only the explanation was obvious. the default user access rights didn't allow the game to save the configuration thus every time I started the game it believe the computer's settings had changed and asked me to run the game with default settings, in this case 4:3 aspect ratio.

There where two ways to fix this;

1) run the effected program as administrator each time,


2)right click > Properties > Security > select appropriate user, or group of users, if not everyone > click edit > check full control.

I hope this solves your issue. It sounds to me like your driver and video card are doing exactly what they where intended to do, but the aplication is reverting back to a default state because you lack permission to save or modify application files.


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thank you for the responses. When I was trying to change from default to NVIDIA Scaling, I was on my administrator account, and it still reverting back to the default setting. Do you have any other suggestions?


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Does the application you are running support your desktops native resolution or does it only run in one predefined resolution?

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