Windows 7 Windows 7 and READYBOOST


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Jan 19, 2009
It looks like you can use multiple flash drives for Readyboost. I am using a 4GB and a 2GB both are Readyboost enabled. Windows Vista would not let that happen. If you tried adding a new one, it took the new one and deleted the old one and vice versa.

Try it!

From things I've read, ReadyBoost doesn't help much if you have more than 2GB of ram.

I don't get what readyboost does, i tried it on my old 1gb USB and all it did was take up loads of space and i couldn't delete it...
I'm not sure if I should try it on my 4gb or not, what does it do?

basically a 4GB readyboost flash drive is like an extra 4GB of memory. I'm running a 4 and 2 + 5gigs of ram, I can definitely notice a difference when I take them out.