Windows 7 and Router Problems

Just set up a Dell laptop with Windows 7 on Saturday. We have a Belkin G Wireless Router running through a Hughes Net Modem hardwired into a desktop. The internet worked fine and allowed other laptops onto the network. When I set up the laptop Saturday it renamed the network and other computers cannot connect to the internet. This is probably a very easy fix but I need some help.


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because you renamed it, you need to change the wireless devices config to connect to the newly renamed connection...simples

How do I do that? I named the new laptop and when I used the other laptops the available connection was named the same as the new laptop. You are saying I need to re-config the other laptops? If so, how? I would like to re set up the router if possible. Is there a way to do that?


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well if all the computers are connected via wireless to a named network on a router, and you change said name parameter then you will have to repeat the changes to all devices connecting to it or they will just sit waiting for the old name network. Could you prehaps provide a diagram layout of the connections and where you altered the information.


I'll try, I feel dumb. When I set up the router and modem they were hooked to the desktop which runs XP network was named Brenda. All laptops worked fine via wireless. Saturday I set up my brother in laws Dell laptop which runs Windows 7. I named his computer Heath. He was able to connect to the internet fine. But at the bottom were the wireless network connection is on his computer said Heath instead of Brenda. I attempted to use my computer last night and the available network connection said Heath. I attempted to connect to it and entered the network key which showed up on his but I couldn't connect. I had the bright idea to delete the network, I guess i did; it doesn't show up on his computer but it does on mine. I want the router to run through the desktop like it previously was. Is there a way to re setup the router, or should I buy a new one?


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So the layout is sorta like this picture 1 or picture 2 layout??


As for the names on the connections showing different names, are we talking the connect to network label or the computers individual name used for sharing access?

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Just talked with Belkin and they walked us through the problem the security wouldn't work with XP only Windows 7, so we changed that. Everything is up and running now. Thanks.

You need to configure your router setting:
In order to get the router setting, you just select ‘Start’ and go to ‘Control Panel’. From that select ‘Switch to Classic View’ link and then choose ‘Network Connections’ icon from the Control Panel. Obtain the required router settings from the connection whose router settings you want to find. Then by right clicking the connection and by selecting ‘Properties’ you will get the details of the router. Type the obtained IP address in the web browser depending upon the model of the router and enter the default password. Then you need to choose ‘Advanced Setup’, select ‘WAN’, and choose ‘PPPOE’.

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