Windows 7 and vista dual boot problems

I have a 1TB hard drive divided into 2 partitions of 500GB each. On one partition I have installed windows 7, and on the other, windows vista. Several days ago I started getting a blue screen when trying to boot the windows 7 side. It occurs almost immediatedly after the splash screen. The automatic repair that windows tries to do is unsuccessful.

Since then I have been booting the vista partition. I could still access data files on the 7 partition. Today the vista partition doesnt boot either. The error message is something like Sata drive 0 not recognized. I checked the bios and it does exist. The windows installation disk for windows 7 is of no help. I select repair and it is unsuccessful. I select install, and the install disk doesnt recognize either partition. It only recognizes a drive x that it says has 30 GB in size.

I suspect the mbr is missing or damaged but dont know how to repair or get it back since even going to the command prompt on the install disk only allows me to go to drive X. In looking at drive X it looks as though it only has install files on it.

I dont know about the blue screen on the 7 partition but I suspect I did something to cause the vista partition to no longer boot. I dont even get to the startup screen that gives the dual boot option any more. I just get the "drive 0 not recognized" error message and the "press ctrl-alt-del to reboot".

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!


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