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I gotta a bit of an issue, Last night I deleted some of my songs (tracks) from Windows media player that I didn't want. But I deleted them strait from their folder in the Music folder, But they are still in Windows media player, and when you play them they can't and a massge comes up. Tried to delete them Right clicking>delete and also by Left clicking but the Delete options are faded out.

What do I do?

Since that no one was very helpful this time and try and help, I have done the work and found the solution:

Follow this:

Your media library in Microsoft Media Player giving you fits? Just blast it and start over. This is a easy way to get WMP to reindex your music files.

If you move a ton of music around like I do, your media library through Microsoft Media Player gets jacked up. To fix it, the easiest thing to do is just to erase your old library files… and have WMP find your new files.
This will not erase your music files.

How to Get WMP to re-index your music:

1. Close Microsoft Media Player for at least 30 seconds
2. Click Start and then Run, (if you are using Windows Vista or 7type Run into the search box)

3. Type the following into the textbox:
%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

4. Click OK and a folder showing you your library files will appear

5. Erase all the files that end with .wmdb or in Windows Vista and 7 Delete the file: CurrentDatabase_372
6. Open Microsoft Media Player
7. Push F3 if using Windows 2000, ME or XP. (Windows Vista and 7 will automatically rebuild the database once WMP is opened)
8. Select the locations for your music files (Only in Windows 2000, ME or XP)
9. WMP will reindex your music

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