Windows 7 and Windows XP compatibiltiy issues

Hello everyone.

I dont know if I am posting in the right section. If not, I apologize.

Since the office that I work at has been using more and more VBA, there has been lots of issues where code that is written in 7 is not able to run properly on XP. I noticed that if I open up the script in XP and resave it, then it recompiles and runs fine. But until that is done, many of our tools and scripts that we wrote on 7 machines wont run on XP.

I realize that it is not too difficult to resave the file, but many of our files are cosntantly updated and many of the office members are not familiar with the developer portion of Excel.

Is there a way that Excel/Windows7/Windows XP can be patched so that code written in Windows 7 is compatible with Windows XP?

Any insight is very much appreciated!

Thank you for your response tbint.

I actually found out that it has something to do with the ADODB reference that we are using to enable us to connect to our databases from within excel.

The exact reference we use is "Microsft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library" and apparently, MS has not yet released a viable patch for this.

I was hoping some of the other users have found a work around for this.

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