Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade VS download?


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I am helping my Dad with something. Here is the situation: He bought a new Dell Studio XPS laptop that came with Windows 7 64 bit, Home Premium. For some reason he bought the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade from the Microsoft Store for $200+ a few days after receiving his new laptop because I think he didn't like the way Windows 7 looked (interface) and wanted Ultimate so that he could make the interface look like XP.

He installed it and it installed on his recovery drive. I basically had to wipe his drives and I reinstalled the original software Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried to install his Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade after re-downloading it again from However Windows wouldn't install it and said that I had to use the Windows Anytime Upgrade found in the Start menu. I checked out the Windows Anytime Upgrade and found that I could re-purchase the Windows Ultimate Upgrade for $99.00 or something.

It appears as if we can't install the Ultimate upgrade that we downloaded from the Microsoft store, and that we are being forced to go through the Win Anytime Upgrade....can anyone explain to me why this happening?

Thanks a bunch.

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I would suggest first talk to Dell. They can probably tell you your situation the best.

After that possibly talk to Microsoft.

The Anytime upgrade uses the same activation key as the lesser version. Since you have an OEM version, there could be some type of problem there.

What exactly is your Dad wanting in the Ultimate edition that he does not currently have?


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Thank you, i just got off live chat with Dell and the deal is that you can't go from Win 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. The Windows 7 Ultimate UPGRADE is only if you have Vista installed on your system. If he really wants Windows 7 Ultimate he has to buy the full version and do a clean install.

He wanted Ultimate because it has an interface that looks like more like XP (I think).
He doesn't like the Win 7 GUI.

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