Windows 7 AUDIO gliches

I have yet to figure out why my audio glitch that im encountering

I have tried new audio cards

Using my on board realtek HD audio

and my SB X-FI Extreme Gamer

all have the same problem

WHEN I PLAY any type of audio interface and leave my computer alone not doing anything the audio plays fine, however when i type while audio is being played it glitches up and sometimes freezes the program that it is coming from.

Like WINDOWS games
or itunes
Media player

The only thing i havnt tried yet is changes from a PS2 keyboard to a USB one to see if that has any effect what so ever

I have un-installed drivers over and over and restarted more times then i can count and cannot find a solution

HELP would be appreciated.

I use SoundBlaster and never have an issue after installing their software for the card. Try that and you won't have an issue as it is compatable.

Do you mean their Software like the Alchemy Program or the drivers they have on the website


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Can you use optical out on your gamer card?

Yes and it gives me the same issue


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What do you have the optical out connected to?

If you go directly t Nvidia's site look up your model,. and then click the All link,. you'll find more options.

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