Windows 7 Available September 1st

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    Windows 7 Available on September 1, 2009

    And even earlier, only weeks after RTM

    By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor
    14th of July 2009, 15:51 GMT
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    [​IMG] As Microsoft is making its way to the release to manufacturing milestone of Windows 7, the company confirmed that the gold build of the operating system would be made available to customers months ahead of October 22, 2009, the official launch deadline.

    In this regard, on September 1, 2009, business customers will already be able to start deploying the final development milestone of Windows 7. But they won't be the only ones. In fact, just weeks after the RTM, Windows 7 will be made available for download to MSDN and TechNet subscribers.

    “MSDN & TechNet Subscribers: Subscribers will be able to download the final version of Windows 7 a few weeks after we announce RTM,â€Â￾ revealed Brandon LeBlanc, a communications manager on the Windows Client Communications Team. “Volume License (VL) Customers: As announced today by Bill Veghte during his WPC09 keynote, Windows 7 will be available to Volume License customers on September 1st.â€Â￾

    The general public will need to wait until October 2009 for the release. “Consumers, Enthusiasts, & Beta Testers (Everyone else): The retail version of Windows 7 will be available in stores October 22nd. If you pre-ordered Windows 7, it should be delivered sometime around the October 22nd timeframe (depends on the retailer). You can pre-order Windows 7 today through many online retailers like the Microsoft Store. On New PCs: OEMs are expected to start shipping new PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed on them around October 22nd,â€Â￾ LeBlanc added.

    The reason why some customers get Windows 7 ahead of the general release is rather simple. Neither MSDN or TechNet subscriber, nor corporations required packaged or pre-installed copies of Windows 7. Microsoft is essentially supplying just the final bits for download, much in the same manner as with the Beta or Release Candidate milestones. GA means that Windows 7 boxes will be available on store shelves and that the next iteration of Windows will be pre-installed on new computers from OEMs.

    “MSDN and TechNet subscribers, as well as Volume License customers will have access to product keys (PIDs) when Windows 7 is made available to them. Product keys for Windows 7 RTM will be different than the product keys used for Windows 7 Beta and the release candidate. Windows 7 Beta or RC product keys *will not* work with Windows 7 RTM,â€Â￾ LeBlanc explained.
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    waiiiiiit.... PIDs from RC and/or beta will not work with RTM?!?!?!?! :rolleyes:

    That leblanc... he is one sharp cat.
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    I'm a bit confused... the ones who are getting the RTM before the official release are paying for it right? I may be wrong here but the only thing that seperates the RTM for the final is the actual code? Otherwise it's the same exact thing? Those who get the RTM early will have the same features, full support (ability to get service packs and such) as those who get the final retail version?

    So, hypothetically speaking, if I was able to get the RTM then I could use it forever and never have to "upgrade" to the final version? Or would the code expire forcing me to "upgrade"?
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    All Release Candidates (RC) will expire... check the Microsoft for the date...

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    Sure. But you would also need to get a legit key. The RTM's are mostly used by retailers and computer manufacturers in the form of OEM's, and are linked to a particular machine in many instances. So to use either, from any download source (?) would be illegal.

    The only other legit users would be those with various Microsoft accounts (Technet etc), who would receive dedicated keys. They are also loosely restricted (mostly only by moral and honest interpretation) to useage for testing and experimental purposes

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