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Windows 7RC1

I'm dual-booting XP and Win 7RC1. Each is on a separate hhd.

In Win 7, drive "C" is the Win 7 drive and "D" is the XP drive. "G" is an usb external drive.

I wanted to write my backups to "D", but "D" doesn't show up in the backup utility. It shows up in My Computer. Only "C" and "G" shows up in the backup options.

Is this because "D" is the XP drive? Why can't I backup to "D"?

Backups are working fine on "G", but that's not where I want them.


Sorry to "bump" this, but I still can't find a way to get W7 backup to see my second internal hhd.

(I tried W7 beta and now W 7RC1. Out of the box W 7RC1 seem spectacular, but once I started using it's got major problems.)
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Oh my god, Windows 7 Backup and Restore tool is a joke!

+ I installed windows 7 + all the application software.
+ ran back up tool and waste an hour backing up everything onto a network drive(NOTE: it would be nice if I can back up things to USB drives since there are so many cheap USB drives out there, but sadly this is not an option.)
+ Then my hard drive crashes.
+ replace the hard drive with a new one
+ reinstall windows 7 on the new drive.
+ Plug the USB drive in and try to restore the system..... but Windows can't find a valid back up on my USB drive :(
so it seems this back up thing only works if your system is good... if the system is good why do u need back up?
If Backup and Restore worked as the instructions say, it would be good enough for me. But it doesn't. Very buggy. Almost useless.

Tried W 7 beta and now W 7rc1. W 7 rc1... big disappointment.

W 7rc1 out of the box is neat. Now that I loaded it up with hardware and apps, but runs very slow and clunky.