Windows 7 backup doesnt work

i installed windows 7, and everything seemed to work fine.
installed a bunch of programs, they also all seem to work.

but then i decided to do some backups; i created the rescue cd using windows, and then cloned the hard drive also using windows 7.

but then i noticed the backup program, and decided to click on set up backup; nothing happens.

if i try the same from a disk drive/properties (ie click on backup there) nothing happens either.

any ideas? maybe something i installed broke this, but it seems like a pretty basic function to break like this.




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What did you use to "clone" the drive and could it be interferring?

i used the windows restore tool to go back in time, and everything started working!

so i installed programs, one by one, and found the culprit. verified by deinstalling/reinstalling several times, checking it each time, rebooting, etc.

so now i know exactly which program causes it, it is reversible when uninstalled, but... i NEED this program. also it was JUST updated, so the changes of them fixing it in the near future are slim to none.
no clue what it is interfering with, but it clearly is. i guess i have to go with another backup program, at least for now.




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If you could tell us the nane of the program, we might be able to find a substitute.

They don't call me the Mad Downloader for nothing.:)

the program is workshare professional, the latest release

trouble is, this is a standard in the legal profession, not much else that works well

you can download a demo; see it if does the same to you. it would also be nice to see what they are breaking, and how.

ps; nice car! used to have a 69 427 camaro ss,a 69 396/350 chevelle ss, and a 64 283 chevelle ss, but those are long gone....


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So you want me to screw my computer up too,ha.

Just kidding, I'll create a restore point before installing.;)

Are you using 32-bit version?

I would have loved the 69 427 camaro. How could you part with that?


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Two error messages
The version i downloaded was

Workshare Professional 5.2 SR2 Build 9700.800

im using 64bit

and i wouldnt suggest it, but is totally reversible on my system.

mine works with xp compatibility mode, just breaks windows backup; even though it didnt install/run right, did it break your windows backup?

and thats the newest version, only a few months old

re the camaro; i sold it to get $$$ back in 1974; its worse than you think; aluminum heads, balanced/blueprinted/ported, could pull the front wheels (with street slicks). the 69 chevelle burned up, so i had no choice on that one :)

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OH ,ma, what a bummer:(

Nice specs on the motor too.

My '71 Nova SS is the second time 'I've purchased it.

I will never let it go again.


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When you installed it, did you install it in compatibility mode, or just run it in compatibility.

Do you have a windows 7 version you can use the XP virtual PC? I think it has to be pro or ultimate.

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