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Mar 13, 2009
I am currently running Vista on my main computer, but run Windows 7 on my laptop and love it so far. Anyway, I was thinking of doing a clean install of Win7 7057 on my desktop but do not want to chance losing all of my pictures I have backed up. Long story short, is Windows Vista backup program compatible with Windows 7? In other words, will I be able to restore all of my backed up photos from Vista to Win7 once running?

thanks in advance.


You may get some different answers to this. My own preference? I disable Windows backup, on first installation. I use a third party image program. My own choice is Acronis, which a long time ago I purchased. It has saved me endless problems with wrongly configured software, On average, it can take about 20 minutes to make an image, and a little less to replace it. It can also be incremental, or portions can be read and extracted.
There are also several free ones around. Paragon is very good, for example.
But, in the short term, why don't you make a partition on you hard disk, with suitably named folders, and from time to time save your personal files there. A little longer, but you can also save the whole of the Users - username section to the same partition, then you've got the lot.