Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 - Black screen during installation

Currently installing on a

Dell Dimension E521
Onboard nVidia graphics card

Removed all expansion cards (firewire / wireless)

Clear out 160GB drive
Create new partition
Windows 7 install says it needs to make a 200mb partition for system files
Creates that and then a 150+ GB partition
Copies files
Reboots once
Gets to completing installation portion
Screen eventually goes black

I can see a 1 pixel line at the top of the screen
The PC is not locked up
I can move to mouse up to the top and see the tip of the mouse cursor

Try rebooting and going into safe mode says installation cannot be completed in safe mode
Let it sit for about 3 hours on the blank screen

Any ideas?

An upgrade from Vista works just fine. I am thinking this may be a video card issue. I am going to try with an expansion video card later today. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.

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I guess it's the graphics card. Onboard is actually never that good... Good luck for further tries.



I am just a little shocked at the fact that Windows 7 and Vista are supposed to be identical as far as driver support for hardware

I can understand why an upgrade works but I find it mind boggling that a clean install would not work correctly. Ill try the expansion video card and see what happens. After that I will post up with my findings.


Yeh it does seem like a video card error.. anyone else remember the Nvidia driver problems in Vista beta 2? Could we be seeing a trend?


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Well until now I think MS has their own small drivers for almost all graphics cards. So I guess that a newer driver from MS for your card on Vista came via Windows Update. Try searching for updates for Win7 during the setup and maybe that'll help!



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Someone else had a similar problem with the screen resolution being to inferior for their graphics card and the monitor not displaying it. I dont remember how he finally solved the problem but i know he did.

So I stuck an expansion video card in and it worked fine. It would seem that Windows setup tries to change from 800 x 600 to either 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 and it cannot manage to change for some reason. When using the expansion video card it can change.

Oh well. When upgrading to Windows 7 there is no issue. I am assuming it is using the already installed driver. Who knows.

I have found a why to get it too work properly without having to reinstall a second time.

After the initial startup where it tells you it is setting up the desktop the screen goes black and starts to blink madly I have found that by hitting ctrl-alt-del then telling it to restart will help to fix this. One the second start up after entering you password and it loads up it may go black and blinky again what you need to do is and i know this sounds kinda untechnical but start right clicking the screen and it should load up for you no problem after that load your new drivers and your golden.

whoops my suggesiton was not correct, got ahead of myself.

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If you plug and coonection between your pc and tv or any kind of media unplug

I have a pinnacle tv card plugged in on my machine... Khaled, do you think this is the reason Win7 did not install into my machine, giving to me a BSOD during installation?
BSOD 80698B68 after first restart at "27% Extracting files..."

I tried to unplug everything that was externally connected to my pc (usb key, modem, webcam), but not internal peripherals (with 6801 and 6956 I don't have problems to install Win7).

listen dear unplug TV card
windows 7 have troubale with graphic them try to fix this bug because and kind of connection for media make it now working good
let me know when you done

Khaled, if I try and unplug tv card, if Win7 complete installation, can I plug the tv card after first start? If I will lose the possibility to watch tv in my pc, I don't want this version of Win7, because build 6956 works fine, and I only want to install build 7000 for bug fixes...

ok man
anyway i head MS will relase new beta at this month i think 13
hope work fine with you

Microsoft officially release this beta 1 build 7000 9/1. I got it in both version 32 bit and 64 bit, with official key for activation. But I tried both and got always this damn BSOD. So I must way for another build or beta 2.


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Blackscreen at end of install

When you encounter the "blackscreen" with use of the mouse restart. Upon re-boot at the OS prompt select F8 (I belive) you will then be given boot options safe mode etc. select the 640 resolution and it will then boot into windows 7 and continue with license key etc. Hope this helps.

I think everyone is getting ahead of me here.

I am not completing install. You cannot go into Safe Mode suring setup. It will tell you Setup cannot be completed from Safe Mode. Reboot and complete setup.


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I'm not saying use safe mode, in the option area after pressing F8 you have a selection staing use 640 resolution. All it does is force the video card to use 640 resolution. Once you finish the install then set your desired resolution. I had the same issue and this worked for me.

bfd, yes that works for me too. At the final stage of installation (just prior to entering the product key) the screen went blank, except for a 1-pixel row at the top of the screen. It is not possible to boot into Safe Mode at this stage - you get an error message saying safe mode cannot be used until setup is complete. But rebooting and pressing F8 and selecting "Enable low-resolution video (640 x 480) allows installation to ask for the product key and complete. However, if I just rebooted again after that I got a blank screen again (no 1-pixel row at the top this time!). To fix this, I booted again specifying low resolution mode, then went into the display settings. The default setting was 1280 x 1024, but this did NOT work and resulted in a blank screen. Setting it to 1280 x 960 works fine.

Follow up from previous post. Now W7 is up and running, doing a Windows Update found a driver update for my onboard Nvidia Geforce 6100 graphics controller which now allows the correct resolution of 1280 x 1024 to be used.

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Blank Screen

I was having the same problems as described earlier, able to install Windows, but after a reboot, I had a blank screen. I used bfd solution to hit F8 and enter the low resolution and was finally!!!!! then able to complete the install and then before I rebooted for the updates, I manually went and updated my video adapter.
I had Vista and Windows XP Pro for prior installations and no problems installing those, able to see graphics entire time. So I would say this is a bug for Microsoft to look at. I have an on-board NVIDIA for my graphics.

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