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Windows 7 Windows 7 Beta: Blue screen, Memory dump


New Member
Feb 13, 2009
I recently installed Windows 7 onto my PC at home.. It seemed to install ok but shortly after startup it blue screens, dumping the memory and restarting the computer. Originally I thought this could be a problem with my HD, I had to use Partition Magic in order to dual boot XP and 7 and I thought there could be a chance something didnt go smoothly. In order to test my theory I backed up a few things, reformatted the HD and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on a single partition (no XP), and although it does seem to work longer, I still eventually will end up with a blue screen. It doesn't really seem to matter what I'm doing either, the PC could be idle and still going blue is inevitable. I was checking out the forums here and there seem to be some issues with sound cards/drivers compatibility issues. I currently have the Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and although 7 shows it's working properly, I get crackling and and usually about that time the PC goes blue. So my next move will be to remove the sound card (Seeing as Creative doesn't support the card anymore and therefore drivers would be far too much to ask) and take my chances with on board. If anyone has any info that I'm somehow missing, it would be greatly appreciated. Good day.

AMD 4000+ 2.4 64bit Processor
2 Gigs Patriot