Windows 7 beta to be released in December?

Yerp, gonna be released soon!
Im lookin forward to it.

Before you start thinking of spashing out more of your hard earned money on the next Windows OS codenamed 7, you might want to read what one group of experts is saying about what it might contain.

"An analysis of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 performed by Australian publication APC Magazine claims that it contains the same ‘kernel’ as Windows Server 2008 (version 6.0.6001). To explain, the kernel of the operating system is its basic functionality, on top of which other programming layers are added to provide the interface presented to the user. It is perfectly possible for two operating systems to share the same underlying kernel, but for them to appear very different to each other. Interestingly, both Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 were released to manufacturing (RTM) on the same day. This would seem to support the claim made in APC Magazine. Microsoft is sometimes referring to the as yet unnamed Windows 7 as ‘MinWin’. This is supposed to reflect that it will be significantly smaller than the installation of Windows Vista. Is there any other evidence that Windows Vista SP1 now includes an early version of Windows 7/MiniWin? PC World recently reported that Vista SP1 is 9% faster on a file-copying test, than the original Vista release. This might just be attributable to optimisation of the original Vista kernel, but it could support the claim that SP1 includes the basis of Windows 7. We may know more on 28th October, when Microsoft presents its annual Professional Developers’ Conference in Los Angeles. This event is publicised as including keynote speeches on Windows 7, by some very senior names at Microsoft. Also, conference attendees will be given free copies of the pre-beta code for Windows 7. This should reveal more…In terms of a release date for Windows 7, Microsoft is only saying that it will be released approximately three years after Vista's launch on 30th January 2007."

Makes you wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think we are going to get a stach of rumourmongering for at least a year now -mostly speculative.
I hadn't come across the name "Traut" before the demo. Either he was misunderstood, knew what he was saying, or misworded his presentation. - take your pick.
Most of the current Internet statements can be tracked back to that single APC mag blog.
Fwiw. Here is another point of view (read "rumour")
Is MinWin really the new Windows 7 kernel? | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |
Makes sense.
From my own amateur viewpoint, If they want to make it faster, then the Kernel will have to be sliced. However, as I understand it, Minwin does not have a GUI. "Windows" without a GUI - that's an anomaly!
I have read also, somewhere, that another rumoured proposal is that several of the small utilities etc, that make Windows a complete desktop, will be dropped with the option to buy the add-ons. This will also make it faster, of course - to out loss.

P.S (Bit Later)
I found this. Definitely Traut was oand taken out of context. Nowhere did he state that Minwin would be the new core for windows 7. Almost the opposite, in fact. It is the stripped down, start from scratch, inhouse kernel, on which they are now building. Hopefully all the suggestions of a faster OS will be met though, with this approach.

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