Windows 7 BitLocker Crack Claims Addressed by MicrosoftThe company refutes claims of

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    Windows 7 BitLocker Crack Claims Addressed by Microsoft - The company refutes claims of BitLocker breaks - Softpedia

    [​IMG] Microsoft disputed claims by various third-parties indicating that they were able to break the encryption technology build into the high-end and enterprise editions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Paul Cooke, Microsoft director, Windows Client Enterprise Security, stresses that one tool advertised to break BitLocker Drive Encryption does anything but actually break the technology Microsoft has built into the Ultimate and Enterprise SKUs of Windows 7 and Vista. According to Cooke, the tool in question is designed to recover encryption keys for hard drives. However, it is in the design that lies its fault, as the utility is simply useless in the context in which the physical image of memory is inaccessible. And in order to make the said physical memory image inaccessible, all that customers need to do is turn off their computers.

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