Windows 7 black screen & cursor on boot

Hello everyone,

I would like to congratulate you first on this great forum.

I have been running Windows 7 RTM 64-bit for a couple of weeks now. I got a key thought my University's MSDN.

I currently triple boot 7, XP 32 and XP 64 on the same drive but different partitions. I also run dual monitors.

I installed the trial version of Diskeeper 2009 and restarted. This is where my problem started. Windows 7 loads ( the 4 particles making the Windows logo), but instead of the welcome screen, i get a a black screen with a cursor in the middle.

Here are the things I tried so far:

  • Booting into safe mode results in the same black screen with the cursor in the middle.
  • I put the DVD and tried repairing. It did not detected startup problem and to my surprise, it is reporting that it can't find any system restore points. I am sure I had restore points on the computer. It was enabled.
  • I plugged one of the monitors out. I switched video card ports, but with no luck! I took out my video card and ran on the onboard VGA also with no luck.
  • I swapped my ram strips and ran diagnostic tests (no errors).
  • I can boot into XP and see the windows 7 drive from there and access it. (Maybe I can get you dump files that way)
  • I deleted event logs
  • I tried a registry method where you load and unload a hive
I would really appreciate your help since I really like Windows 7. This is the first headache it gives.

Thanks a lot,

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sounds similair of what i had, perhaps your explorer.exe isn't starting at boot and all i got was a black screen with mouse also. What i did was start the task manager and make new task, navigate to your explorer.exe and click run... then try to get it to startup at every boot.

just one possibility

Thanks a lot for trying to help. I was not even able to access windows at all.

I ended up with a fresh install.

alrighty then, maybe something deleted/messed up you essential startup files and such anyways glad to try to help

I had the same problem caused by system restore. Be patient, you may be get a better solution from someone else. But what I did is I just totally restore my computer's image backup file.

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