Windows 7 Black Screen with Cursor

Right to the point.

I am haveing a problem with my windows 7 ultimate.

My current setup is Windows 7 ultimate 7600 build.

I am duel booting 7 with vista home premium(7 on one 500GB hard drive and vista on another)

This install went fine without a hitch but the problem start when I try to boot windows outside of safemode.

When I boot windows 7 as normal the loading screen comes up, then before it can get to a login screen it stops at a completely black screen with a mouse cursor as the only visible anything there.

I am able to boot up to safe mode fine so I am preety sure the problem is with my drivers, but I have updated my nvidia 9300gt geforce to the lateist drivers avalible.

The computer is a HP, I can get you more specifics if you need them.

Also thank you in advanced for any replies.

I did not set up another partion, but it is on a completly diffrent hardrive, I didn't think you hade to partion between hardrives.

It duel boots fine, It recognizes booth operating systmes and vista works fine and as normal.


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When you see the cursor on the screen,, hit Alt-Ctl-Del and see if explorer.exe is in the list. if not choose New > Task and type explorer.exe.

Strange, but It worked for me.

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