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Hi, I recently installed Windows 7 ultimate a couple days ago and it was running great until i ran into some big issues. Once I restarted for some reason my usb ports wouldnt work so in the login screen i couldnt type my password or move the mouse. Then, when I would have to restart by holding the power button, the chkdisk cleanup alert would come up and scan my drive. After that the login screen would come on and i would then be able type in my password and use my mouse. But, things got worse when I restarted my computer today and I can no longer use chkdisk because of a recent software package installation, it told me to run sytem restore but it wouldnt let me run that either due to some kind of corruption. Now, when I cancel the chkdisk and go strait to startup it goes to a black screen with a white cursor. I tried entering safe mode with networking and installing the latest nvidia driver but that didnt help. I don't know what to do, i tried everythin except entering my BIOS which I don't know how to do. Right now im using the same computer only in safe mode. Please any input is appreciated. Thanks

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Any help? please


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Any chance you have a virus? If not, it sounds like something might be corrupting your system. Is your hard drive fairly new, is it making any noise? Are you overclocking? Have you run a memory check? Could it be running hot?

Have you tried doing a startup repair by hitting F8 during the boot and using the advanced menu?

If your system is corrupted enough to cause the type of problems you seem to be having, I would assume from that if you were to do an upgrade install over the current system, it would just bring along the problems.

Can you start in Safe Mode?

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