Windows 7 blank on bootup

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Recon0212, Apr 30, 2009.

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    This has been having about 3 times now. I'll install everything on 7, restart it, and I cant get back into Windows. I just did a system restore because I couldnt get back in

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this in the future?

    Btw, what happens is I get past "Windows is starting up" then its a black screen with a mouse cursor, and it stays there

    I need help...
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    Things that will really help us to answer your question fast and hopefully more accurately without a hit or miss method are:

    • What Windows 7 Beta Bit and Build are you having problem with? Because some builds had inherent file corruptions.
    • If you are installing using DVD , did you encounter any problem during the burn? File corruption have been reported with a "bad burn"
    • What are your Computer specifications? [To know how to answer this, check this link:
    Windows 7 Forums - FAQ: Windows 7 Forums FAQ ] [ If any of the major drivers are not VISTA ready you can have problem during setup and after setup. SPECS help us to find that problem ahead and is an absolute MUST in any troubleshoot.

    Hope this will help you to get started with your treoubleshoot :).
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