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A couple days ago I download updates after I shut down my laptop. Then the next day I turned on the laptop and it said windows failed to start and stuff like that. Next it gave me 2 option to launch startup repair or to start windows normally. First I tried the startup reparir and I waited till it was done loading. But then it had a blue screen before it even got to the startup repair.. The blue screen didnt disapear which I thought was weird. It said STOP: 0x00000024 (0x000c22d2 , 0x0000003d , 0x0000001d , 0x00000000) and then I restarted my computer and this time I used start windows normally. It says starting windows and after a couple seconds a blue screen pops up for less than a second and restarts my computer. I then tried almost everything to fix it. I tried putting in my windows 7 installtion cd and then after it was done loading it had the same blue screen. I tried safe mode and that failed as well. I don't know what else I can do so please help me!:cool:

Set BIOS to defaults?

I went to bios and then to maintenance and set it to default. If that was what you wanted me to do I did that. It still had the same problem.

Check all bios settings. If you've overclocked something before win7 installation, set EVERYTHING to default.
What happens if you just put your win7 dvd in and launch before windows boot menu?

Try to put in some other bootable cd/dvd like XP/Vista/Linux Ubuntu...


I'm having the same stupid problem! I can't boot into safe mode or do the system repair. If i do teh system repair it jsut sits there for a few minutes with a blank black screen with an arrow on it.

Few minutes? I'd understand hours, but minutes???
Some PC's need more time take all that information. With vista i had to wait About 10 minutes before setup screen showed up. I'd suggest to leave it with that "blank scrren with mouse" all night and then see what happens.
Or... don't wait for that - system repair/start windows normally menu. Set your CD/DVD-ROM as first boot priroity in bios or press some button(like delete for bios) while bios post message to choose from which device to boot.

well.. it's been sitting at a blank screen with a white arrow for 30 minutes now. I'll just let it sit there a little longer is guess

I still have the same problem. Nothing seems to work. I reseted everything to default and I guess my laptop is officially junk or if you have any more suggestions tell me.

Try to put in some other bootable cd/dvd like XP/Vista/Linux Ubuntu...
Try that DVD in other PC/laptop, maybe it's causing problems...

Try to boot some liveCD with out hard drive.

Did you try to launch installation dvd before your laptop goes to OS's boot menu?

yes i tried to launch the installtion before my laptop goes to the os's boot menu and it still had the blue screen

Did you try other bottable cd's/dvd's?
Did you try yor win7 installation dvd in other PC?

Maybe your laptop isn't fully compatible with windows 7:confused: ...

If you can, try to launch that dvd without hard drive connected or if you have two RAM modules, disconnect one of them and then try...

I don't actually know what to do, because i've never had problems like this with "blue death screen".
It shows very rarely on my PC, mostly when i try to overclock graphic card or cpu a little bit more.

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yes i tried other bootable cds on my laptop and it still doesnt work. My Win7 dvd works on my other computer and my laptop works with windows 7. It just had a recent problem. also i cant take off the back cover of my laptop therefore I can't remove my hard drive or my ram.


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Restart in constand Recyle

I'm having a similar problem. Downloaded 'update' couple of days back and now system will not restart. Just loops:
  1. Select Operating System Windows 7 is listed first then Vista
  2. Starts to load then I get a blue screen with 'driver problem' but it goes into reboot status before I can locate the offending driver within all the gibberish
Is there a way to freeze the screen so I can read and make notes regarding what is causing the problem?

Open startup menu(where you can choose safe mode; safe mode with networking; start normally etc) and choose disable automatic restart on system failure.

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