Windows 7 boot and performance slowed down

I have, within the past few weeks, build my own computer. The compter has worked great for a while, but then started having problems. It had problems with the internet and other stuff, but I was able to fix the problems by disabling parts of my firewall. Now though, when my computer boots Windows, it goes to the login screen fine and without problems. Then when I log in, it says "Welcome" for about 2 minutes, until I am able to get my account. Then, when I get into my account, the computer runs really slow and almost can't run anything it is so slow. So my question is why would this be happening? I know that it isn't the CPU's speed because it is over 3 GHz and has worked fine for me and the overall build is a very high speed gaming computer. This is my first computer. The details of the computer are this:
CPU-Intel Core i5-2500 Sandy Bridge 3.3 GHz
Motherboard-Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P LGA 1155 INTEL Z68
OS-Windows 7 Home Premium
There are two hard drives on the computer, a 1 TB HDD and a 60 GB SSD
If you need any other details I will reply back.


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Did you ever explore (e.g. in Resource Monitor) what is holding things up. Look into the CPU tab and into the Disk tab whether there is any unusual activity.

If it is a svchost.exe, you will need Process Explorer. Go to Properties of the svchost.exe in question and look in the Services tab. That will tell you the nature of the service.

I have not tried that so thank you! I'm working on loading that right now (its taking ages), but I was wondering if the boot had anything to do with this. When I was trying to get help from our local Geek Squad I asked them what was wrong and he said it had something to do with a corrupt boot. Would that chance my situation?


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If the boot were corrupt, it would not work. I would not go by the local Goof Squad. There must be something in the way - e.g. startup programs. Run Soluto, that will tell you what is holding up your boot.

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It wouldn't be any bootloader issue since that would see an immediate prompting to the F8 menu or option to use the Startup repair tool. Your problem besides any particular startup item could be with a main system file if you ended seeing an incomplete Windows install.

Besides looking at the processes running like whs suggested you could also give the System File Checker a run by typing "sfc /scannow" without quotes in at the Start>Run command line. The SFC tool will then run for several minutes as it verifies all of the main Windows files and may prompt for the 7 install dvd if any are found corrupted or missing.

Another thing that can have an impact on boot time since this is a brand new build would the drive mode the bios is set to. If the setting for drives is set for AHCI you may have to change that to the IDE or Native IDE mode depending on the make and model board and the bios version used. AMI, SIS, Award, Phoenix, or other.

@whs- Thank You for helping me with this, it's been nice to hear someone else's input on my situation. Anyway, I tried running Soluto, but my computer wouldn't even finish installing it. Its progress stayed at 48%. So, what I did was I had someone else look into it @ my town's local computer repair shop, which is a lot better than "Geek" Squad. They are still looking into it.
@Night Hawk- Thank you too for helping me with this. I used the start up repair tool and did all of the steps, but when I eventually rebooted the system, the computer said that it wasn't successful. Also, the drive mode was set to IDE mode at default. Thank You both!


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Hmm, too bad you could not run Soluto because that is pretty good in telling you which processes use how much time at boot. Hope the guys in town can figure it out.


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I have not tried that so thank you! I'm working on loading that right now (its taking ages), but I was wondering if the boot had anything to do with this. When I was trying to get help from our local Geek Squad I asked them what was wrong and he said it had something to do with a corrupt boot. Would that chance my situation?
Actually, after reading many forum posts & consumer reviews of "Geek Squad", they're not always as smart as they'd like to make you think they are. They are smart at sales, selling their product.

Many of us on this very forum has the skills to be a "Geek Squad" employee, and probably then some. Many are students working their way through college, or young workers just entering the workforce.

Much of what they do are the same things that we, as users, can do. One of their "cure all" solutions is the default OEM reinstall, which any one who knows how to operate a computer can do. They also charge up to $99 to uninstall the programs/junkware (almost always including the AV/IS suite that's OEM installed). The average user can do that.

What most of them can't do is the "real" work that computers requires sometimes, such as MB swaps, video card installs, changing fans in difficult to reach places on notebook computers, wi-fi cards, and much more.

I would happily do most the "work" that the Geek Squad does for half the price, and within a 10 mile range, I'd come to you to do it.

Here's just a sample of reviews (that are non-Best Buy or Geek Squad controlled ones):

Geek Squad Consumer Reviews and Complaints -

Out of 150 reviews, only 19 are favorable. That's barely 12% positive reviews. Here's another:

Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Stupid Annoying Waste Of Money - The Consumerist

The only sites that favors Geek Squad are those who sells the product, such as Best Buy, whose customer base is gradually fading away.



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Cat, that is a good observation. It is appalling how little those guys know and how much they charge. And then you cannot be even be sure whether they did the job correctly. I am sure there are some good exceptions, but they are far and apart.

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Geek Squad should actually be relabeled to something else! When asked here I build them from ground up and OS them as well for seeing new cases last for years as long as the owner takes cares of them!

Places like Geek Squad on the other hand are nothing but "money makers"! and can't actually guaranty satisfactory results!

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