Windows 7 boot gone

so i had Win7 RC as my main OS, then i got a second hard drive to put some file, all it had was some pics and videos, then i decided to pop in the XP cd and install it in the second drive, after the installation goes through i find that my Win7 is gone, it boots straight into XP and the OS options only shows XP. in MSconfig it only shows XP home edition, any way to recover my main OS?


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I'd suggest using EasyBCD.. It's a very easy to use app that let's you configure the boot manager to your liking.. and the best part.. It's FREE.. ;) You can get it here: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

The reason your comp is booting into XP now by default is because when setting up a dual-boot rig the ideal way to install the OS's is from old to new.. If you had installed XP first then Windows 7 the boot manager would have configured itself and you would have been presented with an OS selection screen at start up instead of the comp automatically booting into the last installed OS.. ;)

EasyBCD will allow you to choose which OS you want to use as the default, among other things and should solve your problem.. :)

ok i got easyBCD, i went to add and remove entries but all i see is windows 95 to windows vista/long horn, there is no win7 option, im sorry im not too familiar with this program.

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