Windows 7 Boot issue: black screen cursor...

I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed on my system. Was dual booting Windows Server 2008 on a second hard drive. I just put Server on the other day to play around with to get familiar with it and it has been working fine. I adjusted in 7 to make it the primary OS so Server would not load automatically on reboot and that has been working fine.

Last night, I was on Server and did some updates. It said it was installing them and had to reboot. Once it restarted it went past POST and then a black screen with a flashing cursor. It does not get to windows loading, nor allows to access the windows boot options. I loaded my windows 7 disk and ran startup repair which found an issue with the boot file. It repaired and restarted. It went back to the flashing cursor after POST again. Went back to 7 repair from the disk and it said there are no issues at this point. I looked up the bcdeditor that can be accessed from cmd prompt, but I am still learning about it. From what I can understand so far it looks OK.

Just to check, I loaded my PE tool and my 7 partition is intact and untouched so in the meantime I am re-backing up my files in case I missed something on my other backup. This give me time to research the issue before resorting to restoring.

So, if anyone can give me some tips on how to resolve this it would be great. I really do not want to spend my day reinstalling software and transferring. I just do not understand how a change in Server could effect 7 unless it was something in the boot manager, which seems likely since I am not even getting to a boot menu or Windows loading screen.

Just to add, I have since removed Server from the equation. I disconnected the hard drive for Server and ran the 7 startup repair which adjusted it back to just booting 7. It still is doing the same issue though so I think it has to be something in the boot manager...

Have you attempted to boot the computer without the second hard drive with Server 2008 installed? Will Windows 7 startup then?
Also, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here Windows 7 IT Pro Category . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assistance and feedback.
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If you are in Win 7, it might help us for you to attach a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window and the picture of the Administrative Command window after your type bcdedit

It sounds like you probably know how to open these things, but if not, post back.

While you are playing around, there is a utiltiy called EasyBCD from NeoSmart Technologies you might be able to use. You can download the beta 2.0 if you join their forum. This is not really required if you feel like using bcdedit to modify the BCD store.

You might also download and burn the live version of Partition Wizard just in case you need to use something in addition the the Windows Install DVD.

Thanks for the replies. I was able to sort this out finally. It was an issue with the master boot record. I had to go back in with my windows 7 disk and fix the mbr with the command prompt option. for anyone that runs into this issue there is a really good guide @

Good to have my 7 back! Now to get back to my server project. :cool:

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