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Hi, i recently upgraded from windows XP Professional, to windows 7 home professional x64. When i upgraded to service pack 3 on xp, it gave me some authentication issues. Now when i boot my computer it gives me 2 boot options being:
Windows 7
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup

I have tried to remove this boot option using bcdedit, but it does not list as an option. I have also tried to set Windows 7 as my default OS but it reverts to the setup every time i boot, even though it says that windows 7 is set as the default OS. Can someone help me remove this? I have to be at my computer at every boot to change it to Windows 7, or it tells me to insert the XP sp 3 setup disk.

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Hello Jonathan,
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The best thing for you to do, would be to re-install Windows 7 using the "Custom Install" method, this will give you the option to delete the XP partition and re-format the drive for clean 7 install.

Keep us posted and hope this helps


Hi Don!
Thanks so much for the fast reply! This install was a "custom installation" where the whole hard-drive was cleaned.


If it was as you say, there would be no remnants of XP on the machine.
I would still recommend re-installing and making sure you "Delete" the XP partition leaving the whole drive as unallocated and then format as a "New","Raw" drive.
It sounds like a step was skipped during your initial install of 7.
Also, when in 7, open C:/ drive, does it show a Windows.old folder?


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Have you looked in Msconfig to see if you can delete it from there?

There is a file Windows.old, and yes i have looked in msconfig and not found anything. I dont want to reinstall just yet, i will wait a day to see if any other solutions arise

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Do you have more than one hard drive?

Could you boot to Windows 7 and get us a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window showing all the drives and try to make sure the partition descriptions are showing as much as possible. Then attach using the paperclip on the Advanced Replies.

Something has obviously gotten stuck somewhere in your system. You might also see if you can find a boot.ini file somewhere on your system and see what it says.

I will assume you tried inserting the XP SP3 media and tried cancelling out of the setup.

If that all fails, you might try downloading EasyBCD to see if it can find the entry.

disk management.jpg
ok i have attached a screenshot of my disk management. As stated before, i have used bcdedit ( boot.ini in XP) to see if there was anything there. EasyBCD also seems to say that there is only one boot option. Seems like a re-install is in order. It was stated above that i may have missed a step to completely clean my hard-drive. Anyone know which one it is?



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The small unallocated space on the end of your drives tells me you have been using a third party partitioning software, or at least something beside Windows 7. How did you partition those drives, and do you know one is a dynamic drive?

Are you using an upgrade version of the Install DVD?

You might try disconnecting the dynamic drive to see if it makes any difference.


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If you look in the root, you will see a file labelled "boot.ini". This is the leftover "boot manager" from XP. You can edit it with notepad, for example. You will see an entry there, referring to the "setup"
Howvere, with Easybcd, select the tools tab in the opening wind and then "edit legacy entries"

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