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Paolo Valencia

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Hi. Can anyone help me with my problem?

Here it is: first I setup a multi boot using XP and Win7
I installed XP first then Win7. It all works perfectly. (with a boot menu showing up during startup ie. Previous version of Windows & Windows 7 as choices)

Windows XP is on my C:/ drive and Win7 is on my E:/ drive.
After weeks of trying Win7, I was satisfied and decided to remove XP.
So I booted the Windows XP CD and deleted the C:/ Partition.


I installed Windows XP again hoping that the boot menu would show up again so I can boot with my Win7 Installation. But without any luck it keeps on booting to Windows XP.

I need help on how to make my Win7 installation the default boot.

Thanks much! :)



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Installing XP first, set up the XP boot files in an active partition. When you installed Win 7, it set up the Win 7 boot system and incorporated the XP files within it, but the Win 7 partition was not marked active. By deleting the partition, you deleted the boot system and are now back to just the XP boot after reinstalling XP. You probably could not delete the partition from Win 7, and now you know why it would not let you.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT XP BACK, use disk managment from XP to set the Win 7 partition active. Then use the Win 7 install DVD to do a startup repair 2 or 3 times to restore the Win 7 boot. If the partitions are on different hard drives, you might even want to disconnect the XP drive.

You could do a startup repair from your current situation, but that would put just the Win 7 boot files in the partition you want to delete. But even if you to it that way, it can still be changed later to work.

I always suggest downloading and burning to a bootable CD either GParted or Partition Wizard. These can be very useful if you need to manipulate partitions from outside of windows.


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Saltgrass is correct -- if you were to use a bootable version of GParted or even Partition Magic you could expand your current Windows 7 partition into the remaining space that lies where XP used to. After you only have one partition you could then set the Windows 7 partition to active and use the installation DVD to perform a startup repair.


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yes gparted is a good software, on the other hand if you do not have any issues you can format the whole hard disk and re create all the partitions and install windows 7 on your c drive. but back up your data first. this will save you a lot of time and also give you a clean and new installation without any future annoyance's :razz:

Paolo Valencia

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Thanks for all of your replies! Been of great help.
Now I have a new problem.
My current partitions are
D:/ for DATA
G:/ for my Win7 OS
H:/ for another Win7 OS.

What I need to do now is to remove the other Win7 OS (H:/) and make G:/ my active partition. I would also like if possible to change it to C:/
Thanks again! :D