Windows 7 boots and shuts down very slow


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Hello All

I use Windows 7 Pro on my Sony VAIO Laptop and I have noticed in the last few weeks that it has became slower and slower so I did the defrag, virus check, disk clean up, windows tweaks and tips un-checked most of the start-up programs and it did make the computer faster except for the boot and shut down and the average time is around 3 minutes for both, so what else can I do before I decide to reformat and set it back to factory settings please let me know what else I can do?




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Check msconfig.exe and see what the Boot Timeout is set to less than the default. This might help some.


Do you regularly restart your PC periodically? Windows does require a periodic shutdown in order to do some basic maintenance routines.
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Hello I have the boot time set at 3 seconds, and on the average I restart my computer about two times a day.