Windows 7 breaks, then hangs. Then saw on CHKDSK for 30 minutes. Now im stuck


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I've been running my Windows 7 x64 machine for about 3 weeks without problem. All of my programs are installed on the SSD and the HDD is for data files. Simple. Easy.

I run dual display with no problem, 1920x1080 on the 24" LED (DVI), and extended to a 19" LCD (VGA).

My dad was kind enough to buy me a 32" 1080p Insignia TV for christmas. I bought a cheap HDMI cable online, and when it came in the mail i decided I would set my computer up to have 3 monitors. (I didn't know that my graphics card only supports 2 at a time, I know this now.)

So I plugged in the HDMI Cable to the TV and to the Computer. The 24" LED screen (my main one) Twitches for a moment then returns to normal, the TV comes on, and the 19" LCD goes blank. All is good except Aero magically shut off. After fiddling with the display settings and realizing i can only have two monitors at a time. I decide on the 24" and the 32" for now, but leave all three plugged in. I restart the computer in hopes of returning Aero. THe computer takes a VERY long time to start up and when it does, i'm presented with a dialog telling me that a page file has been created for me.
My page file SHOULD have been on my HDD (to keep room on my SSD, with 8GB of RAM i didnt think page file was THAT important).

I click the dialog and the page file settings open up. i go to check and make sure they are correct, but when i select the HDD from the listbox, everything stops working right. Page file dialogs go not responding. I open task manager and all looks good in processes. Start bar won't open. It looks like the computer is thrashing, but it never gets around to catching up with itself, so i shut it off and try again with the same results. Then i unplug everything but the DVI monitor, the mouse and the keyboard, and try again... same results. Tried safe mode... same results. So i shut it off and let it be for a day (i was pretty frustrated)

I come back today, turn it on and it hangs forever on the 'Starting Windows' boot screen. I shut it off and figure.. I didnt have that much on there, I might as well wipe the drive and start from scratch, thats the easiest solution, so i pop in the Windows 7 x64 DVD, reboot the machine, all looks good, and i go for install, and it Hangs forever on the 'Setup is starting...' screen with a spinning wheel cursor.

One more time i restarted the computer without the disc booted 'normally' and it hung on the 'Starting Windows' screen for a little while, then entered CHKDSK. I let that run, and after running for a bit, for 30 minutes, it sat saying 'CHKDSK is verifying Usn Journal...'

I have no idea what that means so here I am.

Thanks for reading my long story but i wanted to give as much detail as possible.
I appreciate any help that can be afforded, thanks,


PC Specs:
System Manufacturer/Model Number
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
AMD Phenom II x4 925 (2.8G/8M)
Gigabyte GA-770T - USB3
4X [CORE i7-DDR3] 2GB DDR3-1600 (8GB Total)
Graphics Card
PALIT GTS450 1GB (nVidia)
Sound Card
on board sound
Monitor(s) Displays
ViewSonic 1080p LED 24" DVI
Insignia 32" LCD HDMI
ThinkVision 19" LCD VGA
Microsoft - Wireless USB
120MM Liquid Cooler
Hard Drives
40GB INtel x25-V 2.5" SATA MLC-SSD
Internet Speed
Verizon FiOS - Basic