windows 7 bsod and freezing


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hi i have a toshiba sattelite l300d laptop or a l300d-13s it changes from website to website , i have an ati radeon 3100hd series and an amd turion x2 . i have recently installed windows 7 professional by downloading it as it is the x64 student version . when unpacking the box i was getting an error right at the end buy found others were too , i converted the file to an iso mounted to a disk and thought no more of it . for a few days it was fine no worrys , now on startup i get error codes that normally read STOP: c000021a fatal system error something something unexpectidly with a status of 0x00000000(0xc0000001 0x00100588) i can often get my laptop to start up by continusaly trying "disable driver signature enforcement" or "debugging mode " but this will take sometimes 20 bootups . i have contacted microsoft but they were no help at all and didnt seem to understand the fact that it doesnt restart . i have run startup repair and it seems to think the root cause is a corrupt boot file it give this reading "bug check c000021a parametres = 0xfffff8a00011e500,0xc0000189,0x0,0x0 boot file is corrupt
repair attempted = file repair
failed error = 0x2
i have had the problem for ages and do not wish to reinstall the operating system if there is another way , i have ordered a windows 7 backup disc for an extra £9 which has arrived in case that is of any relavence , any ideas?

I don't think you have any choice other than doing a clean/custom install. There is a sticky thread here that has the info on how to do that with your upgrade files. Look up oscdimg.exe for info on how to put your files on a bootable cd.

Oscdimg is a Microsoft too but may not work under windows 7. I couldn't get it to work with my student download so I used the method mentioned in my blogs to make a bootable usb with either unetbootin.exe or the Microsoft usb boot tool.... with the upgrade files .. then do the custom install.

good luck

Oh... if you can possibly backup your personal files,,, a clean install wipes your drive clean.


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is there any other way

is there any other way as the laptop will not even boot to the disk without the bsod
can u look at this minidump file and tell me the cause ?

Sorry, I downloaded the zip but my system doesn't know how to read .dmp files

Here is the deal... If you can't boot to disk... you have have hardware problems.

Two things I can think of that you can try

first, there are only a couple of screws to remove a cover and take out your hard drive

I would take it out then boot and press the key to take you into your bios, reset the bios to factory settings then set the boot priority to dvd only... remove any other options then reboot with the windows 7 install disk in the dvd

if you still get bsod you need to take your laptop to a repair shop, you probably have processor or motherboard or memory failure.

maybe someone else here can give you better advice... I wish you luck.

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