Windows 7 BSOD


I'm having some frequent crashes/BSODs lately

I just want to know what is the possible source of the crashes and what is the meaning of the dumps windows created

I attached a log I saw after the restart of my PC and the minidumps screenshots using BlueScreenView and ofcourse the minidumps themselves.

Thanks you!

I'll add additional information of my system later if need

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That is often linked to virtual memory. Try these:

The win32k.sys is corrupted. Go to
C:\WINDOWS\System32 and rename the Win32k.sys file to Win32k.old and then close the window. Now go back to the system32 folder and it will write a new Win32k.sys file.

If that does not alter anything, then disable and then enable the Virtual Memory to see whether it
solved the problem.

Disable Virtual memory:

1. Right click Computer and choose properties
2. Click the Advanced System settings (over on the left)
3. Click Performance - settings.
4. Click the Advanced tab.
5. Under Virtual memory click change
6. Click no paging file an the "Set", for the current OS/partition.
7. Click OK
8. Restart the computer

To enable Virtual memory reverse the procedure.

windows won't let me rename the file

what should i do? :confused:


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Oh. Ok download this little reg edit and run the " take ownership portion. Now. When you right click the file, (or any other) you will have an option to "take ownership". Then try and rename it.

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ok thanks!

i'll try it out and see what happens :D


i can't seem to find a new win32k.sys file when i tried to browse again to the system32 folder. do i have to restart my system?


well it seems it won't generate another win32k.sys file so i tried to restart my pc.
unfortunately it won't load windows so no choice but to use the startup recovery...

any ideas on why this happened?

maybe i'll try the second option you gave..the virtual memory thing :D

btw thanks for the useful replies. atleast it gives me the urge to look on to the problem ^_^b

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Not an idea with 100% certainty. Can you get into the system 32 and name the old file back again. You could then try deleting the virtual memory and start it up afresh.

i tried the second option

well...i'm just gonna have to wait if there'll be another crash or something :D

i'll post again if something happens

thanks!!! d^_^b

It's been a while since I last posted here 'cause I haven't got a problem since then....but I've been having frequent BSODs again and I think it not the win32k.sys anymore but a cdd.dll

This sometimes happen when I close or exit a game I was playing like Prototype and Borderlands, so I assumed it's a graphic driver error. I have the latest driver from Nvidia right now btw (nvidia 9500gt)

Do I just keep on disabling-enabling the virtual memory? I tried it again a few days ago and no problem whatsoever but eventually BSODs appears again every now and then. Please help!

Thanks! :)

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