Windows 7 Windows 7 (Build 7048) Taskbar Thumbnail Problem


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Mar 16, 2009
Okay, I have windows 7 for a couple of days and can't seen to sort this problem, say im running 3 Windows explorer programs (Music, Pictures and Libraries for example), when i go to chose a different program and the thumb nails pop up, Windows Explorer crashes, making it impossible to change task... I have attached a picture of the problem i mean.
Please Help...


After that point, it just hangs and an error box appears to say "Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working, Searching for the problem" After that it just restarts, no error messages or anything...
This may seem noobish but have you tried restarting. I sometimes see Windows Explorer close and restart in an endless loop until I restart.
Yeah, tried that on numberless accounts... Tried restarting Windows Explorer, Restarting explorer.exe and restarting my whole system and nothing... Thanks though.
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