Windows 7 can I use the 5/5 digit code from old computer?

good morning...I am new to this forum, and i appreciate being able to reach out for some assitance..I currently have a friend who is in need of a new computer, which I can provide for him, however it has Linux on it, which he will not be able to use..while I interned at a computer repair shop a few years back, every time a hard-drive needed re-imaging, and the customer had no idea if they even had the 7 disk (which we know that most users buy them already installed) The owner of the shop would use a generic?/burned copy of windows, and when the license 5/5 digit code was requested, we input the license info off the MS windows sticker on the always worked, at least there. My question is, how do I get Windows 7, do i download it off the net? He had every disk, from xp to 7, burned so we could use it for this possible in the real world? My friend cannot afford to purchase a new license, thanks for any feedback! cheers!

additional info for my previous post

Hiya..just posted my first thread, and I forgot to mention something..I asked whether or not a burned Windows 7 disk can be used when the person doesn't have their original disk, but has a valid license, can a burned disk of Windows 7 be used and the 5/5 digit license inputted when there is a prompt asking for the valid license 5/5 off the sticker on the side of computer? I forgot to ask that license # set exclusively for that computer id/address, or not? Can I utilize that license for a different computer, as long as I have the Windows 7 burned disk, and the 5/5 digits? and also, I will only use it once, obviously I cannot keep using that, but just in the scenario I wrote about? This person has very limited income, so I am giving him a new computer, but it has linux, but his own computer has a valid license for windows 7..thank you!!

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