windows 7 can not use backup

I had a working 64-bit windows 7 install on a Raptor X and all my data on a separate Raptor drive. The system drive was pretty full so I decided to take my two raptors and setup a raid 0 system drive.
I used the "Create a system image" wizard and saved the 120GB backup (I did not make a system repair disk) on a different 400GB drive.


I created the raid array and installed win 7 in a flash!

Now I would love to restore the old system but the backup I created is not seen...

I don't know what to do...


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There have numerous reports of this - Windows PC Backup unable to find/restore backup after reinstall, or moving the backup, or changing partition arrangements.

This is not just a bug in 7 Beta - it is the case with Vista PC Backup.

If you are desperate to restore it, you could try reverting to your old drive arrangement, but it may be that the reinstalled 7 won't recognise it even if you do that.

You would be wise to use a 3rd party drive backup tool - both the Paragon and Macrium products are excellent and have never let me down.

There is an excellent free version here:

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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thanks for the reply, SIW2
I have seen the problems everywhere and given up actually restoring the system using the backup. It would be convienent to get access to some of the files I have there. I actually forgot to backup my outlook .pst just before I made the raid0 drive.

Any ideas?

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