Windows 7 Windows 7 can only show basic theme (non aero)


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Mar 19, 2009
Hi all, I have installed Windows 7 but it has no aero theme like in the attached picture although it can in another laptop. I use Lenovo Think Pad Laptop with:
- 2GB Ram
- 2.0 MHz Processor
Can you help me???
Thanks a lots.
The issue there could be a number of things. Likely it will be a driver issue with your graphics drivers. The driver is probably not loading correctly and "crashing" during bootup without your knowledge. Try utilizing the event viewer for the application errors, you may find something with Nvidia in the file. Secondly, it could be your hardware cannot support it. As you have written though, I doubt the hardware is an issue.
Hi mp3sgt, thanks for your help. I have tried to update graphics driver via win 7 (automatically) and now everything is very good! The problem is graphics driver. Thank you!
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