Windows 7 Cannot be installed !!!!

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Recently i bought windows 7 to install instead the xp im using now, the problem is after partitioning and installing, the moment when windows wants to start for the 1st time, it gets stuck in the black screen after loading windows remains and the only thing that can be seen is mouse cursor, no matter how long i wait, the user creation and windows 7 configuration never shows up!

P.S: My pc specs are:

HDD: near 160 GB...i gave 30 Gb 1st time, and saw the problem then gave 45Gb, and the problem remained..

CPU: intel pentium 4, 3,20GHz 3,21GHz

RAM: 1GB...I've noticed that 64-bit needed 2GB of rams, therefore i tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GS - 512 MB of ram

Optical Driver : Ofcourse. It is DvD Drive.


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Hi and welcome

Did you try installing 32 bit on top of 64 without formatting the drive? Anytime you change from one to the other you have to wipe the partition and start again. You are still RAM starved even on 32bit

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"HDD: near 160 GB...i gave 30 Gb 1st time, and saw the problem then gave 45Gb, and the problem remained.."

What Do you mean? You should start with a raw partition and let windows setup your drive.

OK, I have done some actions,
I used method 1 and step 1 at SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation.
Means that at CMD prompt, i did "clear all" on my whole hard disk, then i closed command prompt and Followed by How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7 chose language > install now > accepted the license > Custom Advance (The upgrade part, that i have done it before, has passed all my drivers and manufactures success fully and by the way i have installed Ultimate windows Vista once before)> chose 32-bit ultimate Windows 7 > at the partition part, i clicked at "Drive options (advanced)" > New > typed 30,000 MB for the partition that i want to be OS hard > it created 100Mb recovery and i tried deleting it many times but failed > formatted 30GB primary memory > clicked at Next and it installed successfully, BUT it failed me again at where it needs to start the windows for the 1st time (Step 10 at How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7), i don't see anything except mouse cursor.

Thanks for further replies...

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Why do you want 32bit? Mate come on 32bit era is long lived, time to move on even 1 GB ram is gone. We're onto 2-4GB or more. go 64Bit and 2 or 4GB ram. be alot faster

Re: Windows 7 Cannot be installed !!!![Solved]

The problem has been solved FINALY & the problem was Bad DVD, So i tried installing from original one and it all got solved...

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