windows 7 cannot display chinese

My computer is english version of Windows 7. When I download chinese software, the chinese words came out as error code. I have changed the systems language to chinese but still can't solve the problem. Can you please help? Million thanks:star:

I'm getting a similar problem with Japanese. I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed. My menus an most text displays correctly but in error/message boxes, tooltips, and some buttons I get the following:

I get this whether I have it in Japanese for the Display Mode or Germen or English.

Sorry about the double post, but I though I'd post more images of my error:

The first one is a tooltip, obviously and the second a window and a cancel button.

Is it true that Windows 7 simply just does not support Chinese as display language?
I went to and bing this subject. It appears that Chinese LIP is not yet available.

It should but you have to have Windows 7 Ultimate. Pro- or Home- Edition won't do it. Though I think if you're able to get a copy of Pro- or Home- FROM China or Japan that'd probably work too...

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