Windows 7 Windows 7 cannot read network


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Feb 21, 2009
I have two computers, and I'm running 3 OS's.

My laptop has Vista, and it automatically detects the network
My Desktop has XP and now W7 on it, and is directly connected to my router.

XP has no issues connecting to the internet.

W7 cannot read my network, or network adapter drive. When I search for available connections it asks for a user name and password, something you shouldnt need if you are directly connected (as opposed to my laptop where its wifi).

How do I get connected with W7?

Fixed it... if anyone else has this trouble do the following:

Go to device manager and make sure your ethnernet controller is working. In this case mine didn't have the drivers. I simply went back into XP, went to the manufactures website and saved the updated drivers onto my D drive (where I have W7 installed). Logged back into W7, ran it, reboot and now I can post this.
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