Windows 7 can't recognise USB sticks


I recently upgraded my computer from windows xp to windows 7 64 bit. Everything works fine except today when I plugged in my USB stick. It came up with device not recognised and I couldn't access it.

I've tried in all USB ports, with no luck.

Tried using another device int he ports, which worked fine.

Tried 2 other USB sticks, neither of which work, same results.

Tried formatting the stick and trying again, no luck.

I've had windows 7 on my laptop for a while now (it came with it), and thats been fine. The memory sticks all work on that fine in any port. I really don't know what more to do.

Hope somebody can help.

Scrap this, it started working. No idea why. Maybe threatening it by going to a forum for help was enough.

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