Windows 7 can't see computers in my workgroup, can ping via IP and NetBios ok

Very weird, but I can't see the computers on the workgroup in Windows 7 Home Premium.

I know it's not the network, because I ran a 3rd party network diagnostic tool that shows me ALL the NetBios names and IP's of all the computers in the workgroup. I can also ping the IP and NetBios name of the computers from the cmd prompt.

However Windows 7 does not show any computers in the network map, except itself.

  • I tried creating LmCompatibilityLevel and set it both to "1" and "2" but did not help.
  • Also tried to increase the LanManServer parameter size to "3" but did not help.
  • Also tried reducing the encryption to 40bit compatibility (from default 128 bit), but did not help.
I suspect that the problem is because I have an wireless Access Point connecting this computer to the network, and for some reason the network discovery doesn't see the computers. However it does show the AP, Router, and a few printers.

Very odd. Any ideas ? thanks!

it's strange why Windows 7 Network Discovery can't see the network, but a simple 3rd party tool can see it from the same computer.

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