windows 7 chugging like absolute crazy,virus free according to kaspersky


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and weird things are happening, like as above.

The bottom right shows me as not online, and a utorrent icon hiding away behind.

And in the main screen, it shows all my boxes etc have reverted to what looks like windows 98 style.

Also I can't defrag because task scheduler isn't active. :(

It's driving me crazy.

My guilty secret is that I'm a world of warcraft player, and my team members have been dying a lot recently due to me not being able to move/do anything due to a chuggy computer. It's been happening for about a week, never had any problems before, apart from random BSOD problems now and again, which seems to be pretty common :<


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BSODs should not be common or even seldom.

If you say torrent, I normally say virus...

If you open Task Manager, which process shows as using the CPU time?

Have you checked event viewer to see if any errors show up.

Have you done a complete system scan and not just a quick one? You may want to run another virus scanner. I like to use Malwarebytes and probably also try Hijack This.

maybe you are a vivid overclocker? there you go...

do a repair install if you are truly virus free


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With all those very odd problems, it would be best, as Agent Data says, to do a reinstall or recovery - preferably the former. It will be quicker. Save your private data to another partition/hard disk first.

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