Windows 7 cmd prompt and mapped drive (NAS) issue

I have an issue accessing the files within NAS share from cmd prompt on Windows 7 professional.
Details: I have mapped the X: to a shared NAS folder. I could access the folder and see the files through windows Explorer, but when I go to "cmd" prompt and "cd X:" and type in the command dir it doesn't show any files and displays the message "File not found". This works well with windows XP.
I have done some investigations by running the process monitor (procmon). The error/result, I get there, when I run the command Dir on X: is "INVALID LEVEL" under "IRP_MJ_DIRECTORY_CONTROL"

Could you please help?



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Seems like there are some references on the net, but are you running the command window as administrator? You can probably tell I do not know much about this type of subject.

I found this thread which talks about Authentication Level...

Thanks for your reply. I went through the link. It talks about authentication level, but I could successfully map the drive and see the files/folder using windows explorer. I could switch to the mapped dirve in cmd prompt as well, but can't see any files/folders there. It happens only in Windows 7.

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