windows 7 compatibility problems

Hi everybody,

I'm a new member of this forum and I would like mention a very important issue about windows 7. This issue is related to the different software and programs and there compatibility with windows 7 system. I recently installed win 7 and i found difficulties with most of the programs installation including Nero 6, Office 2003 and other media software.

My question is: can the the programs which are compatible with win xp sp2/sp3 installed in win 7? or do i have to look for versions which are compatible to win7 of those programs?

any suggestion will appreciated and thanks in advance.


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Many new downloads are listed that they run on Windows 7.

I've heard some bad stories about updates for Office 2003, however.

I run old apps from 1995 with no problems.

hi rehhakr thank you, but i didn't understand "old apps"


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Older applications that were built and comiled in and around 1995

@reghakr: I have Office 2003 and haven't run into any problems installing updates for if on W7. I did run into issues for XP and Vista before, but these issues have been sorted out on W7. On the other OS', you'd have to install another KB to fix that problem.

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