Windows 7 compatible with Geforce 9500 Gs?

After Upgrading my vista to windows 7 (32bit) some of my newer games have had issues with Fps i think. example in shooter games, the more i shoot the more fps drops until the game crashes and i didn't have this issue during vista.

Also other problem is that some resolutions don't work correctly anymore, example 1024x768 is now instead of fullscreen, size of an ipad

Any help is really appreciated, don't really wanna go back to vista

Joe S

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Did you do a clean install or an upgrade? Upgrades frequently have problems. Do you have the newest driver for your video card?

First time was upgrade but had to reinstall as clean because many problems occurred after that , and yes i have newest driver for my video card.
I asked from some computer personnel and they said i need to buy new video card as Geforce 9500gs does not support windows 7.
But just wondering why does games like bf2 and bf2142 (Yes i know they are pretty old but can that be the reason?) work without problems when bfbc2 has that fps drop?

Joe S

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Go to the manufacturers site and see if you can find the Vista driver. Sometimes that works.

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