Windows 7 Windows 7 consfuses HDD 0 and HDD 1


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Jan 16, 2009
i have two western digital black 320gb 7200rpm 16mb cache hard drives in my Dell Studio 1737 laptop with a Core 2 Duo 2.5gh 6mb cache. When installing Vista it seems my two hard drives correctly. It sees the hdd1 as Hard Drive 0 and HDD 2 has Hard Drive 1. However if I delete all partations when installing Windows 7 sBeta 1, Windows 7 gets them switched around. It sees the second hard drive as the "master" since that is the drive it creates the hidden partition on. so why does the second drive become the master even if it says hdd1? I think that the drive listed on top should be the master right? well not in windows 7 beta 1, drive "0" is the slave and drive "1" is the master.....
windows doesn't have master and slave partitions. windows has a system partition and non-system partitions and YOU decide where windows gets installed.
btw: I'm not aware of any hidden partition windows creates, though I never checked after installing 7 adminittingly.
when you go to install windows 7 and you go to delete all drive partitations and make one partation for each drive under windows 7 beta 1 it confuse the drives. hdd 0 become hdd 1 and hdd 1 becomes 0 and then creats a hidden partitation
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