Windows 7 crashes(HELP FAST)

HI,ive got a prob.My pc crashes and shows BSOD.Read those files and tell me whats wrong! Ps:ive got bad eng.

Hp G62
Intel core i3-330m(2.13ghz)
Intel graphics media acclerator HD
500gb hard drive
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Tyyy pple who help!!!


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We provide a free service here, and with that, I have to say that I find it a little bit rude to request help to be "fast". You wouldn't even do that if you brought your machine into a shop and paid. I hope your demanding directions of "read those files" is only because of the fact that English is not your native language. I hope... Anyhow...

Uninstall PeerGuardian.

You're welcome.

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[lang=et]I cant find that peerguardian.I dont even know that i have program like that.

PS:Im really sorry man.[/lang]

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No problem, all is well. :)

The crash dump is not telling me where the PeerGuardian driver is on your machine. Boot to safe mode then open up Computer (Windows Explorer.)

Click on C: drive. In the top right, search for pffilter.sys.

Delete all of them that show up then reboot to normal mode and enjoy.

Re: [langtitle=et]Re: Windows 7 crashes(HELP FAST)[/langtitle]

Sorry for more stealing ur time but what program i need to open it and what do i delete...or something

Re: [langtitle=et]Re: Windows 7 crashes(HELP FAST)[/langtitle]

I'm not worried about spending time helping you. I'm doing video encoding and just relaxing. Not a problem.

You need to boot to safe mode. Open Computer (Windows Explorer.) Click on C: drive.

Type this in the top right box: pffilter.sys <<< write that down so you have it.

Let the computer find all of them. Delete all with that exact name. Then reboot.

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Ty,Ur the best!!!!

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