Windows 7 custom installation

Hi, I was wondering if the custom installation option would delete my files that are located on hard drive D, I know that it would totally wipe out C but does the same happen to the other hard drives ,cuz I really have a lot of files and their size is more than 100gb :/ how many usb's am I gonna need for this, it's impossible! Help please , much appreciated <3

Joe S

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It shouldn't affect the other drive but people have been known to pick the wrong one. If it's an external drive disconnect it while installing. It's always a good idea to have everything important backed up that means a second copy. Instead of USB sticks look at external HDs if you go with WD get one WITHOUT Smartware and save your self some potential problems the Smartware drives have. The WD drives are most common in stores here and the model you want would be Elements.

Thank you! :)


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Windows installation, since Vista, has the bad behaviour of swapping drive letters around. It should be easy enough to work out, but mistakes do happen. I have always found the best way id to give the HDs/partitions, very clear names rather than rely on the letters. If you lavble the one where you wish to install 7, for example, Win7 or similar, then there is no reason to fear it will wipe any other portion of the computer hard disks. It will erase the name of the partition, if and when you choose to reformat during the customised insatll, but this can be replaced afterwards.

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