Windows 7 Windows 7 dcom/plug n play errors!! :(


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Hey guys. I'm at wit's end with this problem. I have tried every solution I can find, and none work. Everytime I start the computer, it get almost done and says it has to restart because dcom has failed, or plug n play has failed. I open the command prompt, and stop the autoshutdown, and the computer functions. I have internet, and basic stuff. But when I try to open Windows Explorer, I get "the remote procedure call failed..." I have run a plethora of malware/spyware software with no results. I haven't installed anything new. I'most, and without a restore point. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks for reading this.

It sounds like some third party software or an incompatible device is causing this error. Is there any way you can list what software or external devices (USB or otherwise) you have on your system? You could try uninstalling some 3rd party software or devices temporarily. One option would be to export your System Information and attach it to your post. To do this:

Launch System Information:
Go to -> Start -> Search -> Type msinfo32 and press enter
Go to File -> Export

Save this as sysinfo.txt try attaching it to your post.
Hello Mike. I've attached the file as you've asked for. I had to boot into Safe Mode to get it, as in regular mode, it can't look at any of the devices/drivers, etc. I hope you can make something of the file. For the most part it's gibberish to me! :)
C'mon guys. I need one of you with brains to spare. This is killing me. I decided I would just run the upgrade again, and hopefully restore all the system files, but I cant even do that! I get the "can't read disk information" from the Win7 install. And I know that has something to do with the rest of it. After I stop automatic shutdown, nothing really works right. I try to open explorer, and I get an error. I try to open Action center, I get an error. My last resort is to reinstall over this installation, which will not be fun! Anybody have any idea what to do here? There seems to be no solution out there. :(
Somewhat the same problem


I joined this forum just because I had a similar problem although not as sever as what happened to you, and could not come up with any other references on the problem. I have 7 beta on a hp pavilion laptop I don't remember what build but whatever then just recently when I clicked on my computer link it would take a increasingly long time to scan the contents and then would freeze I could close the window but if I then tried to open any type of explorer window it would just be a blank page, any other type of window was fine (help type windows, internet windows, text files, bla bla ). I tried to restart explorer by way of task manager end process start new task, but then any explorer window would come back with the remote process failed. When I looked at services my rcp service was stopped but all options to restart service was grayed out. when the computer first boots the service is running and the same problem occurs after about two links into a explorer window. It got so bad that it would take 15-20 minutes to boot. I tried both windows bit defender as well as avast anti-virus both scans came up clean. I had heard of a bug that affects the RCP. I also tried msconfig selective services and diagnostic boot no affect on either case. I did notice a weird hidden ini config file on my desktop I know there's usually one on there but had never noticed two as with the case now I don't remember exactly but some resource root text file. I finely had to do a week old restore point, it seems to have done the trick, that second desktop ini file is also gone. I installed panda anti-virus after the restore, it did fine one infected file in the recycle bin but it was just a random numbered file so I don't know what it was from. Anyway hope this can help and good luck.
Me too, Maxwil

I'm having the exact same problem. My antivirus isn't finding anything at all but I had the exact same problems with explorer. When I restarted explorer I started getting the exact same message and then I found the exact same thing with the RPC service but I couldn't restart it either. Someone out there in the world has to have seen this before. Especially cause this original thread is so old now. Anyone? Please? I would just restore or reinstall except I have a project due in 4 days that I have to work on NOW and I can't get in to do it :-(
Found something

When I restore back to before I installed my logitech webcam the problem seems to go away. Reinstall the webcam, problem comes back.

Alright, so I got rid of the webcam and the problem would come back... just slower than before.

Turns out I also had a video file on my desktop that was only 9 bytes in size. Something had gone wrong when I tried to dload it and I couldn't delete it because I didn't have ownership of the file. When I'd try to use my admin account to take it I still couldn't so I ended up having to take ownership of and delete it through the command prompt.

Now, with driver issues and messed up file gone, it is (I hope) finally permanently fixed.